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Design Hires Interviews Slater Katz

After being laid off from a copywriting job at a startup, Slater Katz discovered a passion for UX Writing, and taught herself the skills that would land her UX writing gigs at companies like Netflix, Fitbit, Chime, Afterpay, & more. Now, Slater is sharing her UX writing & career lessons learned through her business, The Gig Gal.

Hear about Slater’s full career journey, get insights into the UX writing world, and find out more about UX writing jobs in this interview.

Show Notes

Here’s a look at our discussion:

  • 1:03 : How Slater’s business model has changed recently and how she’s built her business

  • 8:43 : The shift from marketing & copywriting to UX writing

  • 13:45 : The difference in approach between traditional writing and UX writing

  • 16:53 : How to know if you might find success as a UX writer

  • 20:00 : Working through content in UX writing workshopping sessions

  • 22:30 : Skill sets & traits that enable you to work well in UX writing

  • 25:26 : Where Slater found her first UX writing jobs

  • 26:24 : How to get in touch with Slater

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • Service Design Show: How to Put a Price on Service Design

  • The Gig Gal Website

  • Slater Katz’s LinkedIn Profile

  • Slater Katz’s Email

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