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The inside Scoop on Navigating a Career In Design

We're here to talk about how UX practitioners can succeed in their careers and achieve their financial goals, whether it's through traditional employment or building their own business. Join us as we interview leading experts and share valuable insights and tips to help you navigate the competitive and ever-changing design industry, while also exploring opportunities to make money through side gigs and entrepreneurial ventures.

Whether you're a job seeker, an employer, or a designer looking to launch your own venture, Design Hires Podcast has got you covered.


We interviewed your new boss...

Your new manager is going to be responsible for assigning you work, assessing your work and advocating on your behalf for promotions. So, why do over 70% of surveyed individuals claim that their manager played a large part in their decision to leave their most recent position.

There is very little transparency (or training) for design leaders or designers on this important facet of a designer’s career. We’d like to use Design Hires podcast to highlight best practices in hiring/getting hired as well as amazing hiring managers & teams.

On this Season of Design Hires

We are excited to chat with these amazing guests on upcoming episodes.

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